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Laser treatment

New laser advancements

Pet laser therapy is one of the newest advancements in veterinary medicine that is available here! We offer a variety of treatments and care options to enhance their quality of life.

Customized service

Your pet is just as unique as you are. That's why it's important for your pet to receive customized services for their specific needs and conditions. Trust our staff to do just that.

Stay in the loop

We'll keep you updated on your pet's status throughout the entirety of their procedure. You'll also be made aware of all of the health complications that may be possible before it happens.

Notice something?

If you're starting to notice your older pet feeling run down and not as playful as usual, they may have arthritis. Laser therapy can take away the pain associated with arthritis.

Safe and non-invasive

Cold laser therapy is ideal because it stimulates cells and increases blood circulation, reducing pain signals for your pet, without any painful invasive procedures.

FDA approved

Because this therapy is FDA approved, you can rest assured your pet is getting quality treatment to reduce pain and inflammation so they can continue to enjoy life.

You can trust our trained and experienced staff

The caring and compassionate staff are trained and experienced in a variety of cat and dog illnesses

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